About us

Somamba is a laser cutting and engraving service based on Heraklion, Greece. You can make your ideas true in Somamba, by choosing your material and your design. We are always happy to discuss with architects, designers, makers and others that wish to make their design become true. We also offer laser cutting and engraving service on non-individuals that wish to make their production line quickly and automated. We ship most of our products within two business days. 

Apart from services, Somamba creates its own products and is happy to present to the customers around the world. Among them, Somamba offers: 

- Wooden bow ties: Stylish, elegant oak wood bow ties for any occasion. We have strong experience in processing wood and other materials and every product is finished with natural wax and oil. 

- Wooden cuff links: A current fashion trend are the wooden cufflinks. We offer a beautiful variety of wooden cufflinks using which you can nicely accommodate with your bow tie or cardholder.  

- Wooden card holders/wallets: A beautiful small card holder, to keep your business cards without being distorted. Strong wood on both sides that is kept with an elastic band ensure that you can keep your money and your business card together. 

- Wooden phone cases: Polycarbonate phone cases with a beautiful veneer, laser cut and engraved. Offer a personal and stylish addition to your phone, while keep it protected from dust and scratches. 

-Wooden wall clocks and panels: Our artists work continuously to offer you beautiful objects for your home i.e. wall clocks, panels and other accessories that make your home an even more beautiful place to live in. 

-Wooden baptism Bomboniere: Small wooden Bomboniere for your baby baptism. We offer a great variety of small wooden accessories for your baby Bomboniere, baby party, and shower. We are always happy to receive custom and personalized orders 

-Wooden Christmas ornaments: Christmas is a very important period of the year. Most families gather together during Christmas, and Christmas decoration is an important part of it. Current fashion is wooden Christmas ornaments. They offer a beautiful bond with nature, they smell wood, and they feel beautiful in touch. 

-Wooden menu-clipboards: Somamba offers professional solutions to bar, restaurants, and hotels. Our wooden menus are offered in a variety of colors and bonding types. Every bar and restaurant owner can choose the style that is closer to him and offer to his customers a unique experience with this laser engraved menu. All menus are customized depending on the needs of our client. We are always happy to discuss with people and offer them, exactly what they need. 

- Wooden business cards: Do you wish to promote your business in a unique way? We offer innovative business cards made of wood and engraved with laser technology. Your clients can feel the quality of the card when they see and touch it. There is no better way to promote your business by using wood as a natural material. 

- Services: Somamba offers laser cutting and engraving service. You can cut and engrave on wood, MDF, plexiglass, cork, leather and many other materials. You can always navigate to Somamba services, choose your material and cut or engrave any design you wish on it. We are always happy to discuss with makers, architects, designers, small businesses and other people to enhance and help them create their ideas.